Self-care and wellness ideas

Self-Care is trendy! here’s some top ways you can encourage your teen to do to take care of their health and wellbeing.  They might even make it to a #selfcare  story.

At home spa

A face mask, bubblebath, scented candles, chilled out music and calming vibes. Create a space for your teen to chill and pamper.  Make it weekly or monthly and encourage them to really switch off from the outside pressures and enjoy the moment.


Walking, dancing, running, workouts. Anything that gets some movement going.  This might be joining a local group or something they do in their own home.  Moving our body changes our energy and can be a great mood enhancer.

Get outdoors

Spend time outside. In the garden, park, beach anywhere really.  A walk by the water is calming and soothing – even if they do say its boring!

Disconnect to reconnect

Set a phone free time. Over dinner or an hour in the day/evening when no phones are allowed. Use that time to read, colour, take up a new hobby.  Disconnect from the pressures of the outside world and use the time to reconnect to themselves and their inner voice.  What would they be doing if no one else’s opinion mattered?  no selfies, videos or cellphones allowed!


Cooking is great, its a useful life skill and also a good way to centre and distract a busy mind.  The hand on and concentration give reoccurring thoughts a break.  Cooking alongside your teen is relationship building and also a good time to speak about the things that might be difficult to tackle over a dinner table – working side by side reduces eye contact and takes the pressure off.

Say No

Saying no to the things they don’t want to do and I don’t mean tidy their room!  Say no to friends or peer pressure that makes them do things they feel uncomfortable with.  Have open and honest discussions with your teen and let them know it’s ok to say no.


There are so many ways to encourage self-care in your teen.  I hope you find some of these ideas useful.  Raising teenagers can be a tough gig don’t forget to take some time for yourself each day to remind yourself why you keep going.

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