Screen free time busters

Need an activity to pass some time on a long car journey or stuck at home on a rainy day, sometimes eye spy just won’t cut it with a teenager – although it can still be a firm favourite.  next time your looking for something to pass the time that doesn’t involve a face in a phone screen you can give one of these a try:

Heads Up

Although technically a phone app if you don’t want to use a phone you can go the old fashioned way with post -it notes stuck to heads.  Think of a character/person for the other person, don’t let them see it.  Stick it to their head and let the guessing commence.  They can ask as many questions as they like that require only a yet or no answer.

Arm Wrestling

one on one and let the challenge commence.  All you need is two chairs and a table. Let the battle commence.

Alternative uses

Take every day house hold items (or what’s ever to hand) and get those thinking caps on.  can be done in teams on individually if there are 2-3.  List every alternative use you can think of for the object.  You’ll never believe the uses you can think of for a coat hanger.  The winner is the one who can come up with the most realistic ways to use the item.

Two Truths and a lie

Easy AF! Share two truths and one lie about yourself.  This is a great game for parents to share some of their younger year experiences!  what’s the confusion or shock on your teens face as they realise how cool you were before they existed and the sleepless nights set in.

The floor is Lava

Who says only kids can play this game.  Whilst I wouldn’t encourage you to mortify your teen while walking around the supermarket its a great game to liven up a walk outside or stretching your legs at a service station, or during the mid travel picnic stop off.

Card Games

So many to list.  Even for the Aussies teen you’ll find a card game they love.   Scabby Queen,  Switch, Pontoon, Pairs, Rummy, Crazy 8s.  The list goes on.

I know your teen won’t always be up for silly games, they might think they are too cool and you might even feel a little embarrassed. I’d encourage you to push that aside and have some laughter and fun.  Even the coolest grown ups like to be silly sometimes.



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