Adventure Activities

Adventure based activities are great for many things.  They give your teen an opportunity to take risks in a controlled way, build confidence, life skills, resilience and determination.  You can book the activities as a family, summer clubs for teens or there may be Schools or local Youth Clubs which offer experiences at a low cost.   Some ideas below:


Not just a basic and fun activity but can also be life saving.  Get you kid swimming as soon as possible,  learn how to control their breath,  jump into water safely and survival skills.  Your local pool or activity centre may offer courses.

Water Sports

So many water sports to enjoy even in the UK. Your teen can try their hand at surfing, whitewater rafting, raft building, kayaking and so much more.  There are many water based activity centre throughout the UK.


Mountain Biking

Get the adrenaline pumping with some mounting or off track biking.  Great for developing balance, endurance and courage in young people.  You can hire bikes and get lessons at a range of centres.  Or go it alone – don’t forget your safety gear and to take it easy if going it alone, make sure you can run before you walk and start on the basic routes.  Don’t fancy the off track idea, there are many cycle paths suitable for an easy and stress free ride.

Get to grips with some rope work

 Check out GoApe for some high ropes courses.  Let your teen enjoy the thrill and challenge f an assault course at a high high. Build their confidence in heights and their ability to take on a challenge.  Rock climbing and Abseiling are also brilliant activities to test and challenge the nerves .

Adventure activités can seem scary and daunting both for the parent and the teen.  Try not to let your nerve or insecurities stop your teen for trying these experiences.  I was lucky enough to take part in lots of outdoor adventure activities when growing up, I didn’t always love them at the time but I can clearly see now how much of an impact they had on my life.  If you can conquer an abseil,  navigate a mountain bike track and pitch a 6 man tent then in the moments of adulthood when you feel like you can’t you’re quickly reminded that you can or at least you can try!


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